I had a weird... thing. This morning. I'm not entirely sure if it was a dream or not, which is entirely possible with how I know I was dreaming before hand but... Know what? I'm just going to call it a dream and walk away, because if I don't then my brain will die and start rotting in my skull.

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Ya know what? I just realized I've had this journal thing for almost a year now but have never touched it. Man, I just space things sometimes.

Life's been... interesting... to say the least. I've met a few new people hanging around town and all that, like Leo. Bar tender at The Potion, which I've heard of but never been to, and has this Roman numeral X on his wrist. Lots of piercings. I'm already in debt to him for dragging my ass to his house after I got pissed at a bar. 'Course, it was his fault in the first place, challenging me like that.

Popped into a metal shop the other day, too. Bought this necklace with a symbol from the Keyblade Myths that I really liked and I've been wearing it around ever since. Hell, spent good money on it, might as well show it off. The shop owner was this big hairy guy with tattoos and stuff. He was pretty cool and we seemed to click pretty good, even if he's an ass.

Been staying out of trouble for the most part. Well, 'cept for running over Leo that one time, but that doesn't count 'cause now we're friends. I don't remember anythin' else right now 'cause life's been uneventful. Besides, I've never given this journal name out to anyone or updated it, so it's more like a memory-storage thing anyway, LOL.